McWard Architects was founded in Naples in 1986 by William and Janice McBride Ward to provide a full spectrum of services from master plans to detailed cabinetry for our clients. We thrive on collaboration with owners, builders, engineers and interior designers.
  Renovation of existing spaces is a specialty of the firm. The size of a project may range from a 70,000 square foot clubhouse or a 50,000 square foot office building to a 2,500 square foot residential unit. Each project is unique and it is this variety which brings fresh inspiration to each design.


Our mission is to custom tailor exciting new spaces to serve the complex needs of their owners and sustain the next generation utilizing green materials with proven principles of energy conservation.

william ward

As a third generation resident of Naples, I bring local and environmental perspectives to my design.

janice ward

I look at buildings as functional sculptures that demand a deliberate balance of scale, proportion, and critical detail.